The Collision Series

FRONT curates a 2 part series of improvised performance collisions.

  • What:
    • FRONT is a newspaper devoted to contemporary dance performance and theory. Based out of Portland, OR, FRONT is Tahni Holt, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles and Robert Tyree. Contributors to FRONT newspaper have included: Karen Nelson, MGM Grand, Lisa Radon, Linda Austin and more. FRONT:
  • Why:
    • The Collision Series is an extension of FRONT’s experiments in dance and performance. FRONT has assembledan exceptional and unpredictable group of 5 dancers, 3 musicians and 1 lighting designer to come together and improvise a 45 minute performance. In true experimental form, FRONT produces the potential for performance and then gets out of the way, leaving behind very few ground rules. The performers are left to their own devices in the run-up to the show. They can strategize as a group or not communicate at all, organize restrictions collectively, individually, or go forth in bold blindness. This is not your average improvisational set, we have brought some of Portland’s most intriguing performing artists together under daring and distinct circumstances, presenting impressive quantities of talent pushed off balance. What transpires is anyone’s guess, but it promises to be a spectacular collision. All proceeds will go to offset the cost of FRONT’s second edition, to premier in the Fall of 2012.
  • How: 
    • $12-$20 sliding scale (cash/check)
  • Where:
    • Conduit Dance, Inc.
    • 918 SW Yamhill Avenue, Suite 401
    • Portland, OR 97205
    • 503 221 5857
    • *****This event generously sponsored by Conduit Dance, Inc: and the performers.
  • When:
    • April 29th, 7pm (SUNDAY AT SEVEN)
    • August 5th, 7pm (SUNDAY AT SEVEN)
    • Running time approx: 45 minutes ea.
  • APRIL 29th (line up)
    • DANCERS: Gregg Bielemeier, Kathleen Keogh, Tere Mathern, Emily Stone, and Taka Yamamoto
    • MUSICIANS: Thomas Thorson, Lisa Radon, and Reed Wallsmith
    • LIGHTING DESIGNER: Alex Gagnes-Hawes
  • AUGUST 5th (line up)
    • DANCERS: Linda Austin, Mike Barber, Carla Mann, Rikki Rothenberg, and Noel Plemmons
    • MUSICIANS: Delaney Kelly (Deelay Ceelay) and Rafael Fauria (The Miracles Club)
    • LIGHITNG DESIGNERS: Bill Boese and Jeff Forbes




We are ignited by the ways in which contemporary dance performance is emerging in current discourse. We publicly engage, observe and shape these conversations. FRONT was initiated as a platform for contemporary dance performance, giving voice to many different opinions and playing with modes of distribution. FRONT is: Tahni Holt, Danielle Ross, Noelle Stiles, and Robert Tyree. We are choreographers, dancers, and contributors to contemporary dance performance, who are based out of Portland, OR. We are unencumbered by sponsorship or corporate strictures. We rely on the old-school tactics of the newspaper infused with new, current, future energy of dance theory and practices in the field. FRONT acts as a performance in which the form stays the same but the format is ever shifting to directly meet the needs it instigates. It is an experiment.


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