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  • PWNW Linda Austin Dance Studio Rental


    BOOKING: email us at lindapaustin at mac dot com (preferred) or call 503-777-1907

    To check availability, see the studio calendar BELOW or HERE
    Click on the Studio Membership tab above for special discount rates


    Dimensions: approx. 30′ x 40′ with risers at one end.
    Available rehearsal area approx. 30′ x 30′
    Typical performing area approx. 30′ wide x 25′ deep
    Ceiling is 12′ center, arcing down to 8′ either side.

    Floor is variegated gray marley-type dance floor over wood. Quite springy. There are mirrors but they don’t go down to the floor. No tap-dancing or other percussive dancing shoes. No black-soled shoes that leave scuff marks.

    Sound system: 12 channel mixer and two powered speakers. CD/DVD player. Input for laptop or mp3 player. One mic. No piano.

    Studio Rental Rates-Rehearsal
    1-2 Hour Drop in  $12.00/hr.
    3-7 Hours a Month  $10.00/hr.
    8-12 Hours a Month  $9.00/hr.
    Each additional hour $7.50/hr.

    More than 8 students  $13/hr
    Fewer than 8 students $12/hr

    Performance Rentals

    1 Performance (up to 5 hours space use) = $100
    Each added performance = $80
    Tech rehearsal = normal rehearsal rate + $2/hr.

    Space seats approx. 40-49. Space is wheelchair accessible but there is no accessible bathroom.

    Performance rental includes use of space, sound and light equipment, risers, chairs, and use of backstage apartment area. It does not include box office service, box office staff or tech or design crew. Publicity is not included except in our e-news and our events blog IF the info is submitted in a timely fashion. NOTE: Performances in our space need sets that can be cleared/broken down each night to keep the space open for rehearsal for PWNW and other renters.

    Call 503.777.1907 or email lindapaustin at mac dot com for more information.

    CALENDAR:  Any time not booked is free to rent 8am-11pm.
    Click HERE to view calendar in a new window.


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