Late night choreography … standard

Laura 5 mo-10-Edit

It’s 1:21 a.m. … and I’m just now sitting down to rest. The baby and husband are past out in their beds, the dogs are beat on the back patio, the cat is sprawled out on a chair and I’ve danced in my sports bra and spandex shorts in the living room, furniture pushed to the walls with my iPod playing “Chandelier” by BOB through the ear phones. The house temperature reads 84 degrees. No AC. I’m sweating standing still, but I can’t stop coming up with new choreography.  One second I was laying in bed watching the Olympics and the next minute I was so overly motivated by, somehow, the mens gymnastics, that I had to piece together the advance jazz class routine I’ll be teaching tomorrow from noon to 1:15 at Studio One Dance Academy. I think I’ve danced the routine like 50 times in a row working on all the transitions. Like all you dancers out there have never had this moment before. This is the second to last week of summer classes before the Fall season begins after the Labor Day weekend. Drops in are welcomed. I’m also teaching combo for 3-4 years old at 9:30 a.m. and yoga at 10:30 a.m. before jazz. I have a feeling the yoga class will be lots of stretching since I’ve probably over done it tonight. However, still expect lots of ab work. I am determined to get my pre-pregnancy body back. Come check out all my classes tomorrow. The adult fitness classes are really coming together at Studio One! Get fired up!!!!!!


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