Performance Works NW

Performance Works NorthWest was founded by Linda Austin & Jeff Forbes in 1999, soon after Linda moved back to her home state of Oregon after two decades in New York. In the summer of 2000, PWNW renovated and moved into its home in SE Portland (the former St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church), a space which continues to accumulate the good karma/vibes/aura/energies of creative performers and audience members from Portland, the Northwest, and around the world. Stay tuned for a FUTURE EXPANSION IN THE WORKS!Ongoing programs include:

Linda Austin Dance
Solo and ensemble performance by Artistic Director Linda Austin. Linda has been creating and performing her highly individual dance and performance works since 1983, based at various times in her life in New York, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest.

Cabaret Boris & Natasha
An eclectic mix of dance, music, performance art, theatre, and general revelry. Our Cabaret happens twice a year and, in addition to performing artists from the Northwest and beyond, features the expert awkwardness of the Boris & Natasha Dancers—all male, all untrained, all-star.

Richard Foreman Mini-Festival
Our annual August fundraiser, with dozens of artists from all disciplines tacking a selected text from Richard Foreman’s online notebooks

NEW! Alembic (more info here)
A new series (replacing Holy Goats!) featuring five artists and artist groups in 2007-2008 who have a Sunday afternoon to stretch themselves in a variety of ways to produce a single experiment in performance.

Special Projects
Stand-alone projects that often involve artist residencies, such as the 2002 Sally Silvers Commissioning Project and the 2008 Lisa Nelson Tuning Project.

Artist Project Sponsorship
Logistical and/or financial support to occasional artist projects we believe in.

Space Rental Program
Studio space at subsidized rates for rehearsals, workshops and intimate performances.

The Goat is dead—Long live The Goat Alembic!
From 2000 to 2007 Holy Goats! was a vital force in the Portland dance community, the only ongoing series to focus on improvisation in dance (and music) performance. We will miss the dance, the music, the chatting in the kitchen over bagels and coffee, but look forward to the new series, Alembic.

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