SubRosa Dance Collective

Founded in 2011 by Carlyn Hudson, Jessica Evans, Cerrin Lathrop, Kailee McMurran, Lena Traenkenschuh.  Located in Portland, OR.

Choreographers and dancers Carlyn Hudson, Cerrin Lathrop, Jessica Evans, Kailee McMurran, and Lena Traenkenschuh came together under the nurturing, fervent, and palpable Portland energy that spurs on expression and entertainment through art and performance. SubRosa thrives and strives to collaborate not only within the collective, but through multiple mediums with various artists within Portland’s boarders.  The city is not only the muse, but the maker with many voices, shapes, and perspectives.

Having all transplanted to Portland within the last several years, these young artists and co-founders came to the Rose City with eager wills to plug into the creative pulse and bring their various backgrounds in life and in dance to the stages of the city. They all have earned combined degrees in the Arts from SUNY Purchase College, Arizona State University, Western Oregon University, and Western Washington University.

For more information, email: and visit their website:

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