Dance Coalition of Oregon

The Dance Coalition of Oregon has now merged with Invictus Dance. All Dance Happenings previously posted on their website will now be posted directly to Invictus Dance. 

Dance Coalition of Oregon (25 years going and growing) is a service organization for dancers and choreographers. Primary services and activities: Dance Happenings newsletter
Blue Sky Northwest Choreographers Concert Series

Blue Sky Northwest Choreographers Series is open to all choreographers and dancers interested in presenting their work in public performances. Get printable Blue Sky Submission Guidelines here or Blue Sky Advertising Guidelines here. We also need volunteers to help with these production. Send email to tell us know about your interest and we’ll be in touch to confirm your participation and arrange scheduling.

4 Responses to “Dance Coalition of Oregon”
  1. I signed up for the Dance Coalition of Oregon, paid my $25.00 and haven’t received any information since. No emails, no mailings, nothing. Not sure what the membership is for at this point. I did it so I could keep up on Dance Happenings and classes etc. in Portland. Would like to know more.

    • Hi Michele Stokes. This is Laura – the owner of Invictus Dance. I do not know much about The Dance Coalition of Oregon. A while back they approached me and asked if they could set up a link on their website to Invictus Dance advertising that all their dance happenings would be posted on Invictus Dance from here on out. It seems odd they would charge you $25.00 about dance happenings. Invictus Dance is a FREE website so we did not charge you. I know they try to have a Big Sky concert once a year and that they ask for money for that. I’d try emailing Dance Coalition of Oregon directly. I hope this was helpful.

      • Thanks for the reply. Their website is no good anymore. Do you happen to have their email? I can’t locate it. I think they might have dislodged their website when they merged with you.

      • Oh wow I wasn’t aware they had done that. I’ll have to look into it.


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