NEFA’s National Dance Project (NDP) was launched in 1996 to encourage the creation of new work in dance that would be shared with audiences in communities throughout the United States. Since then, the program has distributed more than $17.3 million in grants and has become one of the few sources for dance funding in the country. Through grantmaking and other activity, the program supports dance in ways that enhance partnerships between artists and presenters with the equally important goals of engaging and expanding audiences for dance.

NDP is designed to be a dynamic system of support for the field.  Extending beyond core grantmaking (Production GrantsTouring Awards, and Presentation Grants) for creation and touring, the program also works through various initiatives to nurture a vibrant ecology for dance. Currently these include emphases on international exchangeregional development of dance artists, and the work of contemporary art centers with a focus on performing arts and collaborations across disciplines.

NDP is particularly interested in proposals that reflect the evolving environment for dance, including but not limited to:

  • Projects that push aesthetic boundaries and reflect the cultural and aesthetic diversity alive in dance today.
  • Projects that nurture long-term and multi-faceted partnerships between choreographers and presenters, leading to the highest quality possible in the production values for the completed work.
  • Projects that are interdisciplinary, enabling choreographers and dance artists to partner with creators in other artistic forms or explore hybrid art forms.
  • Projects that enable choreographers and dance artists to experiment with new technologies in the creation of new work, and explore new ways to engage audiences in all stages of a dance work’s development and presentation.
  • Projects that involve choreographers and dance artists who have been making work for less than ten years or who have been involved in NEFA’s Regional Dance Development Initiative.
  • Projects that expose audiences, and U.S.-based choreographers, to international work of outstanding quality and originality, primarily through NDP Touring awards.


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